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Shocking Truths Behind What Cat Behaviors Really Mean…

jossisgod, this is important

colorac - yes I know.  I actually commented on it last night.  I said that I can attest to #9 - I have the scars to prove it.  I cannot resist a kitty tummy, under any circumstances.  MUST.RUB.KITTY.BELLIES.ALWAYS.  Throw caution to the wind - so soft, so very, very soft. 







I wanna start this amongst my friends!!

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Seriously can’t wait to see some of your answers..I bet Hiddleston comes up more than once!

OK…here goes.  The numbers are where they would sit, too.

1. Tom Hiddleston (FUCKING DUH)

2. The Dali Lama

3. Pope Francis

4. Steven Spielberg

5. Dave Grohl

6. Steven Moffat

7. Meryl Streep

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Ideal Dinner Party. We’re having paella. And good wine. Probably flourless chocolate cake for dessert.

My guest list:

1. Tina Fey

2. Paul Newman

3. Neil Patrick Harris

4. Maya Angelou

5. Robin Williams

6. Mo Willems

7. Rachel Maddow.

8. Tom Hiddleston can share my chair. Or just put his head on my lap. ‘Sall good.

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Oh, lord. Here are my favorite people in the world.

  1. Tom Hiddleston
  2. Tim Burton
  3. Slash from GnR
  4. Billy Martin/Poppy Z. Brite
  5. Jim Carrey
  6. Edgar Allan Poe
  7. Nikola Tesla

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1. Stephen Fry

2. Judi Dench

3. Robin Williams (he would make sure to say something inapproriate if things were to get too brainy, and it’d hilarious to see him and Hiddles do voices together)

4. Tom Hiddleston (so I could see him all the time without being impolite to other guests)

5. Nathan Fillion

6. Hugh Laurie (want to see the banter between him and Stephen, and hopefully he would agree to play to us)

7. Tilda Swinton

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I was tagged by i-wish-i-was-the-moon……whom I cannot tag dammit, but I reblogged this from you, so I guess you’ll notice. (p.s. whom I can tag if I just spelled her name right….heh…..corrected it)

1. Tom Hiddleston (to my left, for easy hanky panky under the table)

2. Steven Spielberg (to my other side to be able to talk to him)

3. Djimon Hounsou (opposite from me, just to be able to look at him. He is so beautiful)

4. Russell Crowe (next to Tom, just to see if the two would gel)

5. Peter Gabriel (next to Spielberg, so they can plan to collaborate on his next movie)

6. Sam Worthington (next to Russell, just to see two Aussies wreak havoc)

7. Dave Matthews (next to Peter Gabriel. A musical collaboration between the two would be awesome)

My famous people all seem to be alive and well. Go figure.

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Looks like I got tagged by zora-Salome. :D  I will do my best…..  I think I’m leaning more toward the ultimate dinner conversation…  :o
1.  Tom Hiddeston  (duh)

2. Bruce Lee (I’m a martial artist.  He was the best.)

3.  Rembrandt

4.  Eric Idle (or ANY Python—or ALL of them)

5.  Beethoven

6.  Poe

7.  Spielberg.

Sorry for the delay.  Hope this works! :D

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